Conservatives love that “White House Down” failed


The Hollywood Reporter is saying that “conservatives are celebrating” the dismal box office showing of “White House Down,” which has assorted wingnuts, militia nuts and others with “Rush is Right” bumper stickers on their SUVs as villains.

The movie bombed, for sure. Politics may have played a role. More likely, people who might have been interested had already SEEN that movie in March — “Olympus Has Fallen.” And Channing Tatum’s box office stardom isn’t the sure thing some were announcing as that film opened.


Of course, the surprise hit social satire as horror pic “The Purge” gave the one percent and their lackeys a pretty serious beatdown. Conservatives don’t want to hear about that. So it’s all a wash.

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8 Responses to Conservatives love that “White House Down” failed

  1. keith7198 says:

    Conservatives certainly are a favorite target if the hard-left Hollywood. But honestly, I didn’t go see it because it looked like it sucked. Jaime Foxx looks laughably BAD in the trailers.

    • Yeah, the trailers don’t sell you an “original” movie. And the Fox News crowd isn’t a big movie going audience, as the Ayn Rand flops told you — that 2016 documentary notwithstanding. But a black president menaced by militia groups? The “message” is there.

      • keith7198 says:

        I think that’s a pretty broad statement. It isn’t just liberal democrats who go to the movies. I hate to go back to the trailer but Foxx doesn’t look like a President. He looks like a buffoon (and that isn’t a reflection of his race whatsoever). “I lost the rocket launcher”. “Hands off my Jordans”. Two groan-inducing lines. Still, to be fair, I haven’t seen it so maybe I shouldn’t judge.

      • People age out of the movie going habit. Conservatives are, by demographics, older and whiter.

      • keith7198 says:

        Not necessarily. There are a lot more younger conservatives than you may think. Especially if you look regionally. A big hunk of those box office receipts from Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, and even states like Ohio and Virginia are young conservatives. I think they’re a lot more forgiving of the obvious Hollywood political slant than they are given credit for.

      • Your talking point is one pitched to advertisers of Fox News, and just as reliable as everything else they present as fact.
        Demographics don’t lie.
        I see movies aimed at conservatives — political, religious, whatever — with an audience. They’re ancient, white and grumpy, with a few minor exceptions. Stereotype? Not if it fits.

      • keith7198 says:

        Sorry to disappoint you but I live in the south. All you have to do is look at the states on election night. There are plenty of red states (and not Kevin Smith’s version). And contrary to popular liberal believe they’re not all old, white, and rich.

        As for movies aimed at conservatives, I’ve yet to see any that count. Most are made with lower budgets and with lesser talent mainly because mainstream Hollywood wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Spielberg, Pitt, Clooney, Weinstein, etc. etc. etc. These folks aren’t going to make anything conservative friendly. Yet they are solid filmmakers. So for me trying to compare “conservative” movies with mainstream flicks isn’t valid. They’re just inferior on various levels.

      • I never said “rich.” I’m white. I live in South, grew up in the South, see movies in the South. All over the South. I know the region and know the demographics and know my business. And this is way off topic and I’d suggest subject closed, move on,. Be argumentative someplace else.

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