Critical Consensus: Thumbs Up for “This is the End,” thumbs drooping for “Man of Steel”

potpackSeth Rogen’s co-directing debut is earning comparisons to “Pineapple Express.” “This is the End” is what “RApture-Palooza” could have been, with a staggering number of cameos, a bigger budget and a better script.
It’s a hoot. America’s critics agree — irreverent, blasphemous, even but also kind of positive in its message — and fall-down on the floor hilarious in stretches. Danny McBride pulls out all the stops.

British critics weighed in on “Man of Steel” first and they sang it to the moon. Must have loved that a Brit was playing the dude. And that the Americaness of the character seems lost.
Strip those reviews out and this one would be in the 50% range, tops.
Most American critics are giving it indifferent marks. As in “Where are the thrills?” “Where’s the heart?” “Where’s the wit?”
Which my review reflected as well.

“The Bling Ring”, Sofia Coppola’s latest, is getting “Internship” reviews. People are passing judgment on the culture depicted, not on the fine and pointed comic thriller Coppola cooked up from it. “Internship” took a beating from Google haters (Nobody hates Google more than me, but hey, the movie’s better than the company the guys intern with).

“Vehicle 19” is an ineptly filmed South African drama that puts Paul Walker in a minivan and chases him all over Johannesburg. Some good moments, but the excitement level is damped down by showing things only from inside the mini van.

“Twenty Feet From Stardom” is earning rapturous notices. Music’s long-in-the-shadows backup singers are getting their due. I thought the third act, a recording session, bogged it down. And it’s seriously repetitive. But it’s fun, tuneful and quite educational.

“Pandora’s Promise” is another doc opening Friday in some markets. It’s a pro-nuclear power film that stacks the deck a bit, even if everybody in it (for the most part) is an actual environmentalist who has come to see nukes as the one thing that can ward off global climate change. That “stacked deck” business explains the middling reviews for this one.

Many markets, Orlando included, get Richard Linklater’s “Before Midnight” this weekend. It’s fine, honest and adult in its themes and treatment of them. Something to see if you’re not a comic book fan.

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  1. keith7198 says:

    I think it would be a modern miracle if Hollywood could actually give us a comedy that wasn’t raunchy. Same old thing. If you don’t like it you’re put of luck.

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