Movie Preview: Will “Diana” be Naomi Watts’ best shot at an Oscar?

A small studio grabbed this Princess Diana bio-pic, so Oscar odds for it are starting off long. Surely the Weinsteins would have moved heaven and their banks to buy it had they seen Naomi Watts’ turn as Princess Diana in this bio-pic an Oscar sure thing. The cast of this fall release has one big name in it — her.
But the teaser trailer to “Diana” shows not jut the resemblance, but a pretty full overview of her life — princess, fashion icon, mother, land mine activist, romantic. Pretty nice.

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1 Response to Movie Preview: Will “Diana” be Naomi Watts’ best shot at an Oscar?

  1. mcspanky says:

    This will be a great film because Naomi Watts rocks and the subject matter is so rich and relevant. It will be a revelation for all the youngsters who only think of Kate Middleton as the royal princess. But this oldster feels old seeing Naomi Watts pretend to be Diana. I’ll know it’s not her, y’know? Although it was not difficult at all believing Helen Mirren was actually Queen Elizabeth, so maybe I’m forgetting the magic of movies. One certainly does hope Naomi Watts finally gets her due for her magnificent acting. Girl could make a can of tuna scary if she wanted.

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