Box office: How “Great” will “Gatsby” do?


“Iron Man 3” will win this weekend at the box office. Easily. It did $175 for its opening, so even a HUGE fall off suggests $60-70 million on its second weekend.

The Guru figures it’ll manage $75 million.

Box Office Mojo guesses it’ll do another $71.

There is enormous buzz, and a lot of debate over the new “Great Gatsby” Baz L. is serving up.

Here’s a VERY generous suggestion from Box Office Mojo — $40- million plus? Leo & Spiderman & Carey & Baz have generated that kind of heat. It could happen. And it’s in 3D, so the take will be higher, per ticket sold.

The Guru thinks only $31.

I expect it to easily clear $30. But then, I liked the film and I’d love to see this sort of daring rewarded.  Reviews won’t help it. All that swooning over a comic book movie, and this weekend critics have gone all highbrow and sniffed at the fact that “it’s NOT the book.” No, movies have to stand on their own and movies reflect their time more accurately than the time of the novel they’re based on.

I think Mojo is low-balling expectations for “Peeples,” which has reviews that will not hurt it and will pick up decent word of mouth. I am thinking $20 million, or close to it.

But The Guru also is basing his $14 million prediction on the number of screens (just over 2000). So we’ll see.

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