Next interview: Got questions for Jesse Eisenberg?

NOW YOU SEE METhe last time we talked, he was floating through the glories of “The Social Network,” a full-on awards season phenomenon.

Jesse Eisenberg could pick and choose what he wanted to do after that one. Like a few actors — Kevin Spacey comes to mind — he suggests intelligence and cunning, which kind of rules out him ever playing stupid (Spacey has tried, and failed at that). And he’s aged out of the naive and innocent thing he did so well in his youth (“Zombieland” was his last lovelorn young guy role, unless you count the evil genius Zuckerberg).

“Now You See Me” looks like an all-star sleeper this summer, something to pull us in when we take a breather from comic book movies.

Questions for Jesse? I’m always looking for suggestions, and I’m all ears. Comment below.

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6 Responses to Next interview: Got questions for Jesse Eisenberg?

  1. Kaasven Per says:

    He was just casted in Joachim Trier’s “Louder Than Bombs”, and the news is so fresh that you could be the first to ask him about the project.

    Ask him about what the script is like, what he thinks of Joachim Trier and his previous two films.

  2. Joy says:

    Question for Jesse: “If you were forced to choose, it would be more important to you your career as an actor or as a playwright?” (invalid answer “Both”)

  3. Debbie Miller says:

    When can we expect Richard Ayoade’s “The Double” to come out? There was a sneak peak of a couple of photos last year and nothing else after that. I’m pretty sure they finished filming that project.

  4. Penny says:

    I’d love it if you could ask him questions about his other projects like The Double and Midnight Sun, and also his plans for his work with theater. Other than that, maybe favorite magic trick or if he did anything in particular to get into character or if there’s a magician/anybody who he derived inspiration from?

  5. A says:

    Has he kept in touch with Andrew Garfield, his co-star from TSN? Is it true he’s finally engaged? What is an ideal fan encounter for him (“no encounter” is a likely answer but don’t accept it)?

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