Movies on the Radio: Talking “Pain & Gain,” “Company You Keep,” “Mud” and “Big Wedding”


It’s Friday AM, time for me to chat with Mike Bianchi about movies on “Open Mike” on 740 The Game.

We’ll discuss “Pain & Gain,” the new lower budget action comedy/true crime thriller from Michael Bay, is earning mixed reviews. I found it watchably amusing, discomfittingly violent. It’s like “Blow” meets “Raising Arizona.”

I haven’t checked this AM, but I may be the only critic on record admitting he laughed at “The Big Wedding.” Much of what the overwhelming tide of negative reviews are saying about it is true. Robin Williams has played a version of his narrow-minded priest before (“License to Wed”), Diane Keaton a version of her “first wife,” and there are no great stretches in the roles Robert DeNiro, Susan Sarandon, Katherine Heigl, Topher Grace or Amanda Seyfried play. It’s pitched at that “Big FAt Greek Wedding” demo, but the writer-director filled the mouths of his characters with F-bombs and the odd C-word.

It still has a lot of broad, low and high laughs and plays very much like the French farce it is based on. Maybe the language and winking/frank discussion of sex over 60 is a landmark. In any event, bad reviews overall for this one, a passing grade from me.

Robert Redford’s Shia LaBeouf political thriller “The Company You Keep,” about aged 60s radicals uncovered, decades after going on the run, has a fine cast — Redford, too old to be playing his character, Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Sam Elliott, Brit Marling, Brendan Gleeson. The story’s engaging, too, with Shia playing the upstart small paper reporter who gambles on discovering who these people were and what their ideals were before the Feds (Terrence Howard) catch them.

And “Mud”, one of the best films of the new year, opens at Enzian in Orlando, and in theaters nationwide. Matthew McConaughey’s great in it, again — part of that whole post-“Lincoln Lawyer” roll he’s been on.

Tune in to 740 The Game at 745, or listen live here.

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