EXCLUSIVE: Jason Bateman on “Arrested Development — New Episodes” hitting Netflix

ImageDeadline.com is reporting that “Arrested Development” returns to the loving embrace of its fans on May 26 (midnight the 27th for us East Coasters) on Netflix. These are the new episodes — Netflix is ordering more — that will lead to an “Arrested Development” movie on the big screen.

Late Wednesday, I was talking with Jason Bateman about his new film, the drama “Disconnect,” which hits theaters April 12, and I asked him if he ever got tired of the years of AD questions, the way fans (among them, many journalists) constantly harp on the canceled but not forgotten series and have never let it go.

“You know, I owe this whole second career (after his child acting career ended, followed by many dormant years) to that show. Those people are the favorites among all the people I’ve worked with. To do anything with them is a question you don’t have to ask me twice.

“So no matter what happens with movies, no matter how many good things have happened in recent years or what the future holds, I am very loyal to that and will continue to be. People wouldn’t still be talking about it if it wasn’t good. IF you’re ever in something good enough, that people respond to and want a sequel to (He’s doing ‘Horrible Bosses II’), you’re flattered and you kind of want to do it.”

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