Second Run Cinemas, the First to Die off in the Trumpdemic?

Every business in America has been scrambling to come up with a strategy to survive at least until the current incompetent administration and its state and local level cultists are thrown out or emasculated. Cinemas are particularly hamstrung in this regard.

“No public gatherings” hits the heart of their old business model and breaks it. Even as some reopen with reduced capacity and bigger cleaning/staffing costs, the canaries in the movie exhibition coal mines are showing themselves the most endangered of all.

This second run cinema is, like many, starved of content and basically showing kiddie movies already on video just to keep its doors open.

$50 private showings” aren’t just for strip clubs these days. Plan your socially distanced (sure, right) kiddie birthday party at your neighborhood second run house, usually old, the dumpiest theater in town, with the thinnest and most lax staff.

What could go wrong?

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