First movie in a cinema since March? “Words on Bathroom Walls”

Boy, for somebody who has spent years of his life in cinemas, it’s been an awkward “cold turkey” break.

So what’s new in the experience?

Ticket buying has been migrating to vending machines or cellphone prepurchase. That’s accelerated thanks to the pandemic.

I glanced at the special cleaning gadget they are employing to keep their theaters low risk.

Several theaters on this area are up selling a “private showing,” just you and friends or relatives in the theater with you. Weird.

Staff at this Epic Theaters multiplex is masked, and has no change. Because they want all purchases done by data mining credit card.

All for their overpriced matinee of a movie from the Witness Protection Program of film distribution, Roadside Attractions.

The movie’s about to start, so phone off time. Just a couple of suburban teens and me to watch a drama about a high school kid coping with schizophrenia.

Here we go.

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