BOX OFFICE: ‘Birds Of Prey’ plummet — a $33.5 million opening

Ok, maybe that’s not a “Dolittle” level disaster. But when the studio was expecting a $45 million opening weekend and Hollywood box office gurus were saying as high as $60, this weekend “Birds of Prey” are proving to be dead ducks.

“Suicide Squad” aftertaste in play here? That sold hundreds of millions in tickets, and just sucked. Margot Robbie starred in it and film fans do not forget.

Blame the R rating, the violence, chasing away families and fangirls, who needed to turn out.

Blame sexist fanboys for not warming to a sexy, sadistic distaff “Deadpool.”

Or blame Warners, for not hiring funnier writers to punch up the script. I don’t fault the relatively inexperienced director, but Cathy Yan is no Jon Favreau, who is funny and always knew how to lighten the tone of his comic book movies. Having the clout to insist on rewrites is a must. Green directors do not have this clout, which is often why they land the job.

Being “woke” enough to hire women behind the camera and in front of it doesn’t do them any favors if they aren’t the right women.

I’d blame Yan for one big casting blunder, the amateurish Asian kid playing the pickpocket.

Christina Hodson has “Bumblebee” writing on her resume. Did somebody else write the jokes?

Casting Ewan McGregor’s girlfriend should have been a safer bet. Rosie Perez was funnier in the ’90s.

But that all could have been fixed with a better screenplay, more jokes, less graphic violence.

“Bad Boys” added another $10 million, “1917” another $8-9, “Dolittle” and “Jumanji” another $5-6 each.

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