BOX OFFICE: ‘Birds Of Prey’ stumble Thursday night, a $45 million weekend?

It’s a female centric R-rated comic book thriller directed by a Sundance winner.

And it has been hyped to the moon and back, with Warners feelings it DC muscle after “Aquaman” and “Joker.”

Fangirls have to show up. Will the fanboys join them?

Thursday night’s previews of “Birds of Prey” cleared only $4 million, a fraction of what we can expect from your typical comic book film, even the R-rated ones. That’s less than “Shazam,” which pulled in $5.9 not that long ago.

It is fan friendly, although praise has been muted. Check the Metacritic rating, not Rottentomatoes, for confirmation of that. Take away Margot Robbie and there is not much here to latch onto.

Insanely violent. Leave the kids at home.

Exhibitor Relations is saying $60 million this weekend is within reach, Variety guessing $50 and Warners $45.

Saner heads suggest a $40-50 million weekend for the opening, right on the bottom edge of “healthy.” And will it have “Wonder Woman” legs?

Anything below $40 and you’re allowed to whisper “bomb.”

This looks a lot more like fans are leery of that “Suicide Squad” hangover, even if the pandering pileup on Rottentomatoes doesn’t share that justifiable skepticism.

In any event, it will own a weekend or two in February and fans will probably get it into the black. But maybe not.

Warners needs to find funnier script doctors and directors with a little more experience and clout and feel for the genre.

The fights and the violence and the gloom are here, but the wit and spark of life? Not so much.

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