BOX OFFICE: “Rhythm Section” loses the beat, “Gretel & Hansel” get lost

A $2.8 million opening is a death blow for the Blake Lively “La Femme Nikita” turn, the $50 million and much delayed “The Rhythm Section.”

That is below even the most pessimistic predictions forbthe violent, well shot and edited thriller.

Can Blake still “open” a movie after this?

Reimagining “Gretel & Hansel” into a flatly-acted and over designed fright fest without the frights didn’t work out, either. It only pulled in $6 million, in a dead heat with the second weekend of “The Gentlemen.”

“Bad Boys” hit their $17 million mark, “1917” came in second on its way to the $120 million domestic box office mark. ($9.6, it now stands at $119)

“Parasite” is still cleaning up.

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