BOX OFFICE: “Joker” is back on top, “Black and Blue” over $8, “Countdown” over $6, “Current War” $3 on an unelectrifying weekend

“Maleficent” was “Mistress of Evil” for just one week. The effects-heavy Disney fantasy sequel plays like a too-violent/too-grim/not-funny downer, not really for small kids.

It opened at an underwhelming $36 million and is falling off 57% on its second weekend, according to

That allows Warner Brothers’ R-rated record-setter “Joker” to return to the same spot it held through most of October — #1. It will be in the $18 million range. Deadpool is not amused. 

Thursday night didn’t set the “preview” box office take on fire for “Black and Blue,” “Countdown” or “The Current War.” Friday didn’t pile on the cash, although “Black and Blue” is headed into respectability, with an $8.3 million weekend shaping up. Not bad for a Screen Gems dirty cops vs black woman cop and her New Orleans neighborhood thriller.

“Countdown” isn’t a sizzler for STX, with over $6 million, poor for a horror release, even one that isn’t part of a franchise, “universe” or what have you.



“The Current War” was re-edited by its director after Harvey Weinstein rage-edited during the middle of his rape expose two years ago. The new “Director’s Cut” salvages some honor for the all-star account of how Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla electrified the world. Startup studio 101 will take in aboutt $3 million for its efforts. ‘

At least it plays, now. 

“Zombieland: Double Tap” will have added another $12 million to its coffers by midnight Sunday.

No word yet on the turnout for the 1500 theater re-release of “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood,” which has four addititional scenes, now.

And the take for “The Lighthouse” on its first weekend of wide release will be reported later today.


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