BOX OFFICE: How far will ‘Toy Story 4’ fall on its second weekend? Will ‘Annabelle’ eat Chucky’s lunch?


And will audiences long for”Yesterday?”

Those are the questions to be answered by this time on Sunday.

“Toy Story” movies historically lose under 50% of their opening weekend audience on their second weekend.

So even though Pixar’s latest underperformed against estimates — hitting $120 million when $140 to $200 was predicted — it should logically have a shot at close to $70 this weekend.

I am sensing lukewarm enthusiasm for this one and figure $60 will be closer to the mark.

Box Office Mojo says $68.

“Annabelle Comes Home” has a polish, suspense and fresher brand than “Child’s Play.” But being the second haunted doll movie of the month has got to hurt.

Reviews for both films were mixed. I preferred “Annabelle.” I still see $20 million as its ceiling, but you never know.

Box Office Mojo says $16 for the weekend. But The Hollywood Reporter passed on the fact that “Annabelle” picked up $7.2 million on a WEDNESDAY night opening, heading towards a $33 million five day take ($20 or so for the weekend alone).

“Yesterday” will be out there, hoping that people nostalgic for The Beatles will show up.

The movie’s weak tea, not one of Danny Boyle or Richard Curtis’s best.

And that Beatles audience is older and out of the movie going habit.

$12 million? Maybe.

“Avengers” is hoping added end credits footage will draw the drones in to push it past “Avatar,” “Aladdin” continues to make bank and “Child’s Play” looks to fall off a cliff this weekend.


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