BOX OFFICE: “Wick” is lit, $57-60 million, “Pikachu” plunges, “Dog’s Journey” and “Sun Also Star” bomb


A big opening weekend keeps getting bigger as a high performing Thursday led to an explosive Friday for the R-rated action picture “John Wick: Chapter 3.”

Those $50 million opening weekend projections went by the boards quickly, and is now saying it’s on track to do $56.9 — which means it’ll do $60.

Keanu has promoted the heck out of it, just as Ryan Reynolds was everywhere doing everything the week before LAST week’s blockbuster.

“Wick” is out performing what “Detective Pikachu” did on its opening weekend, and unlike that pokey Pokemon pic, this one had good reviews.

At this rate, Keanu may never shave or wash his hair again.


“Pikachu” is dropping off in the 60% range its second weekend, as word of mouth spreads, repeat business was never going to be a huge deal and it started shedding screens (over 400) quicker than any real blockbuster would. “Pikachu” will clear $100 million by late next week.

“Avengers: Endgame” has passed “Avatar” as the second biggest box office performer of all time. It’s at over $769, or will be by midnight Sunday.

“A Dog’s Journey,” the third sentimental canine reincarnation (ish) picture to come from the keyboard of novelist W. Bruce Cameron in the past couple of years (“A Dog’s Purpose,” “A Dog’s Way Home” were done by different studios) is showing signs of over-exposure. It’s managing $8.75 million, not even reaching the low $10 million it was projected to earn its opening weekend. Cameron has more books that could be adapted, but probably won’t be.

“The Sun is Also a Star” isn’t making movie stars of its stars, the young lady from “Black-ish” and the lad from “Riverdale.” It may not earn $3 million, and its pro-immigrant message won’t even reach the teens it is aimed at.

“The Hustle” is out hustling “Long Shot” as the summer’s biggest comedy, so far, and neither is going to reach $40 million. “Booksmart” is coming, and that could light it up.



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