BOX OFFICE: “Avengers” blow up Thursday night — a record weekend ahead?


The all-time Thursday night “preview” record is
$57 million, pulled in by a recent “Star Wars” sequel.

Last night, “Avengers: Endgame” blew that away. A $60 million Thursday night.

AMC theaters in certain parts of the country have scheduled round the clock screenings to accomodate pre-0release demand.

What’s that going to add up to, in the end? Midnight Sunday, I mean?

“The Force Awakens” used to hold that Thursday night record, and the single day — a Friday — record at $119.

With “Endgame” already over $169 million overseas, could the much speculated about $300  opening weekend that Variety and others have predicted be  within reach? Box Office Mojo seems to think so.

Some of that will depend on the final tally ($43 million currently banked) for Thursday night. But as a 3 hour long movie, that could drag the numbers down. Lack of 3D will figure in, too.

But it’s a long weekend, the “final” film in a beloved franchise, so sure. I wasn’t dazzled by it, and find these movies in general quite forgettable. Reviews have ranged from good to ecstatic. I do wonder about repeat business. There’s a lot to take in, so maybe people with the time will burn off a big block of time twice. I’m guessing not.

Sold out showings won’t slow down the train, as a dozen releases are surrendering screens to this behemoth.

“The Curse of La Llorona” should pick up the scraps, maybe $10 million this weekend.


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