HOLIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Ralph Breaks” the bank — $88-90 million? “Creed II” may clear $69, “Robin Hood” steals $14, always first out of the gate with box office analysis, is forever guilty of lowballing kids’ cartoons. Always.

And as I am writing this Sat. AM, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that they’re still off on the over-under on “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

They’ve gone from a $69 million prediction for the Disney Animation sequel to $88 million, Tuesday night through Sunday night. 

And Saturday’s grosses are usually the best for family and kids pictures. In the $90s? We’ll see. Staggering numbers.

A bit low on “Creed II” as well. It’s now predicted to pull in $69 million worth of Rocky/Creed/Drago fans. Audience exit polling isn’t as strong as the first film, which explains why traffic to my outlier pan review (not dazzling reviews overall) has been staggering. People flock to reviews they agree with AFTER they’ve seen the movie.

“Fantastic Beasts” isn’t hurting, another $44 million taken in over this five day weekend  for a mediocre muddle of a Wizarding World movie.

“The Grinch” will steal another $40 or so, once Max is done counting the loot.

Holidays mean “family” and “Instant Family” is headed towards a healthy $17 million plus over this stretch. It underwhelmed upon opening, but this doubles its take. I still say they hobbled this warm fuzzy family comedy by soaking it in profanity and sexting gags. The box office is bearing this out. Either that, or audiences of tiring of Mark Wahlberg comedies. Still, it should have legs.

So should “Green Book,” a potential “Driving Miss Daisy” Oscar contender. “Comfort food for the holidays,” I call it. It’s now on a thousand screens and not making  a mint. Only $7 million or so. Once the older audience — non Trump voters (it’s about race and sexuality and “learning”) — finds it, “Green Book” should pull in the green.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” has found that sweet spot and keeps making bank. Another $21 million for this crowd pleaser.

“Robin Hood” is a colossal waste of $100 million and a fun Jamie Foxx supporting performance. It will earn $14 million, if lucky, on its opening five day HOLIDAY weekend. That’s a disaster.

front2And Jason Reitman’s “The Front Runner” is officially a debacle, opening wide and not even pulling in a million. Crying shame. Not the end of Jason Reitman, but gambling on his projects has grown iffier and iffier since “Up in the Air.”

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