WEEKEND MOVIES: Decent reviews for “Overlord,” mixed ones for blockbuster “Grinch” and pans for “Girl…Spider’s Web”


Filmgoers have lots of choices at Fandango.com or in the line at their favorite cineplex box office this weekend.

The holdover “Bohemian Rhapsody” should continue the Queen revival.

But “The Grinch” gives families with small children something to go see, even though the Chuck Jones cartoon from the ’60s is far better, and cheaper to obtain.

“The Grinch” is sitting in “fresh tomato” territory on Rotten Tomatoes, but isn’t even close over at the more selective Metacritic. 

I thought it Cumber-boring, pretty, empty-headed and heartless. 

Horror fans, video gamers, mashup movie buffs and their ilk — referred to as “fanboys” and “fangirls” — have to be salivating over the J.J. Abrams produced “Overlord,” which was pitched as “D-Day with Zombies,” dollars to donuts.

It’s getting mostly favorable reviews, although not raves — something Metacritic reveals more readily than Rotten Tomatoes.  

For me, “The Zombies of Navarone” was a bit of a drag. A good-looking one, but so reliant on cliches (noble sacrifice, child in danger, suicide mission, Nazis in leather, intrepid French beauty who speaks English and isn’t collaborating, etc).

But as pioneering film critic Abe Lincoln once said, “Those who like this sort of thing will find it the sort of thing they like.”

Poor notices and the lack of a screening in my market mean I will get to “Girl in the Spider’s Web” later today. I do love that Claire Foy, though if I was doing a fresh installment in that franchise, I would have given serious thought to using the one and only Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace. Still, could be good. Fingers crossed.

Box Office Mojo is predicting a $60 million weekend for Universal’s latest version of “The Grinch,” which allows the studio to make bank before “Ralph Breaks the Internet” comes in to rain all over their Disney Parade.

Box Office Mojo is thinking $52 million is more likely.

Deadline.com figures “Grinch” will hit $70 million in the US on its opening weekend.

No word yet from Deadline.com about Thursday night preview ticket sales, but I saw “Overlord” in a mostly-full IMAX (it wasn’t really, AMC just charges more) showing. Guessing it got the jump on “The Grinch.”

I also would bet the bank that BO Mojo’s prediction that “Overlord” will only add $11 million to Paramount’s bottom line is laughably off. The fanboys and fangirls are eating up the zombies/WWII D-Day movie mashup. Box Office Mojo is saying $14. I figure over $20, but we will see.

The “Girl/Spider’s Web” predictions are in the $8-10 range, which may be a tad high.

“Bohemian Rhapsody” opened to a gravity-defying $51 million last weekend. Anything more than $30 this one will be a big win for Fox, anything less suggests it’ll never match “A Star is Born” in the fall musicals box office race. “Star” is over $170, “Bohemian” not quite at $70. Will the Gaga/Fat Bottom Girls gap close?




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