Preview, the second “Welcome to Marwen” trailer explains it all for you

The first trailer was cryptic, which is probably why traffic to my eight year old  review of the documentary that inspired it, “Marwen” exploded over the past month.

“Welcome to Marwen” is about an artist, badly hurt in a mugging, who poured his mental and physical anguish into these vast WWII dioramas he built on his property, photographing the vast “canvas” of an imaginary Belgian town and the fighting he imagined could have happened around it.

Ken and Barbie dolls, GI Joes by the score, all manner of toys were repurposed for this project. Read my review for more detail. 

Here’s the second trailer to “Welcome to Marwen,” and it’s a harsh reminder that yes, Robert Zemeckis directed Steve Carell, Leslie Mann and Co. Like “Forrest Gump,” this trailer explains EVERYthing as if he’s making it for a nine year old.

Or Newt Gingrich, a HUGE “Forrest Gump” fan, as he recognized in Forrest his ideal American, and perhaps his ideal voter. Simple values, removed from the anarchic hippiedom that many conservatives dodged in the ’60s and 70s.

I found Zemeckis’ penchant for pounding home the obvious obnoxious in “Gump.” “Where you goin’, JenNAY?” “San Francisco,” as the hippy anthem “If you’re goin’ to San Fran-cisco” wafts up on the soundtrack. “Where you goin,’ Forrest?” “RUNning,” as “It Keeps You Running” blubbers up from the score.

Like “Forrest,” “Marwen” has Oscar bait and potential mass appeal attached to it. But will film fans and Oscar voters go for “spoon fed” this time around? Will it have resonance for today, a plea for “decency” in indecent times? November, we find out.

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