Preview, Jenny from the Block strikes a blow for working class “street smarts” with “Second Act”

What tea leaves is Jennifer Lopez reading that parked her in a “Working Girl” style comedy about “faking it until you make it?”

Answered my own question there, didn’t I?

“Second Act” is about people who missed out on education (or just skipped out) and about raising the value of life experience and “street smarts,” a working class fantasy about a WalMart (they don’t call it that) service sector name-tag wearing woman of ambition but no degree who fakes (with help) a background that lands her in high finance.

That part of the message will resonate with EVERYone. As “The Wolf of Wall Street” reminded us, that’s not a class of folks overloaded with rocket scientists. It’s “the art of the deal,” the willingness to lie and hustle in the “street” sense, and anybody can learn how to do it.

“Second Act” co-stars Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, Milo Ventimiglia, Treat Williams Dave Foley and Charlene Yi and opens right before Thanksgiving.


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