BOX OFFICE: Vampire cartoon sucks and soars, “Skyscraper” crashes, “Ant-Man” shrinks

box1Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson’s run of box office blockbusters comes to an end this weekend. And you can thank “Rampage” for that.

Surely some of the residual “We shelled out $16 a ticket for THIS?” hangover from that mad monkey movie hurt “Skyscraper,” a “Die Hard/Towering Inferno” mashup that wasn’t nearly as bad.

“Skyscraper” is the underperformer of the weekend, based on limp Thursday night and weak Friday numbers. A $34 million (projected) hit only will manage $23-24, based on that.

“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation,” earned mixed reviews as well. But little kids don’t read criticism, and their parents are too busy to. It will clear $40-42 million on its opening weekend, in line with projections for it. 

That means “Ant-Man and The Wasp” will squeeze into second place on its second weekend, a steep 60-65% fall off would put it at $28. It’s doing low end of blockbuster business, it’s just a lot less monetarily dazzling than every other Marvel title in recent years.

Three films with almost entirely African American casts are in the top ten at once, led by “The First Purge,” which has a chance to reach the $50 million mark by midnight Sunday.

“Sorry to Bother You” goes wide this weekend, a satire of work and class and black life in the stacked deck of American capitalism, it’s no “Get Out,” but a healthy $4 million take on its first wide weekend means profitability is just around the corner.

And “Uncle Drew” has one last week in the top ten as well.


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