Preview, Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen replay “Romeo and Juliet” in “Little Italy”

Emma Roberts has had an interesting time of it, trading on her aunt and uncle’s name, crashing and burning at the end of her youth role years (she was going to take time off for college, but hated the hard work), a tread lightly “comeback” in quirky indie fare.

This has “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” tones, ethnic and family friendly (ish), a little of Europe, a little “Little Italy.”

Hayden Christensen is the bartender hunk from the family hers is feuding with, with Andrea Martin and Danny Aiello in support.

“Little Italy” was directed by Donald Petrie, still kicking around the business decades removed from “Grumpy Old Men” and “Miss Congeniality” (the guy knows sweet, offbeat funny) and opens this fall, near as I can tell.

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