Preview, Discovering Buckminster Fuller, Girls and Punk in “The House of Tomorrow”

In the academic world I traveled through in the ’80s, the teachers and philosophers (children of the ’50s and ’60s) had taken to calling him “Bucky.” Buckminster Fuller, the futurist who set his mind to practical, sustainable (in so far as it was possible to speculate back then) versions of what we’d be doing, wearing, driving and living in when the “Jetsons” future finally arrived.

Geodesic Domes were his answer. That’s not the story, just the setting and inciting action of “The House of Tomorrow,” a coming of age comedy starring Asa Butterfield as a kid who has grown up isolated in such a house, his grandmother (Ellen Burstyn) as his over-protective idealistic (Bucky style) guardian. Alex Wolff is the sickly, punk-loving teen whose youth group visit sparks an education for the sheltered boy, Maude Apatow is the teen’s sister and Nick Offerman is their dad.

Yeah, the trailer gives the whole movie away, or seems to. And isn’t it great when Hollywood keeps it all in the nepotistic family?

“The House of Tomorrow” is in limited release, chances are, Netflix will be our best bet for catching this one.

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