Weekend Movies: Overly generous reviews for “Metallica,” “Meatballs,” on the money ones for “Rush,” “Don Jon”


“Rush” is a terrific racing bio-pic, a real plum on Ron Howard’s resume. Everybody says so. Go see it. One of the best pictures of the year.

I thought the Metallica concert-and-more film “Metallica, Through the Never,” was self-serious and a trifle pretentious. And surely others who reviewed the film found the din of the music grating and the violent, 3D street life linking drug use and anarchy and violence to that music a turn off.

Apparently not. Unless you take into account pandering to that thrash metal audience. It is the ultimate fan’s experience of Metallica, but seriously, the “story” doesn’t do much for it. It’s the most over-praised movie of the weekend. I gave it 2.5 stars, and RT has it rated in the 90s. Which is a joke, unless you’re a serious fan.

I also think the mediocre sequel “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2” is undeserving of any praise. There’s nothing to it, but there it sits, in the 70s on Rotten Tomatoes. A flawed system. Which is why Metacritic is better. A 60 there.

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s racy “Don Jon” is shockingly sweet, smart and hopeful — Jersey Shore romance with heart. Heart that arrives only in the third act. Good reviews, overall, for this “Don Juan” amongst the goombahs.

And “Baggage Claim” is taking a justifiable pounding, suggesting that unless Paula Patton pulls in a surprisingly large audience this weekend, her days of carrying a movie will be short lived. Pity.




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