Is Katherine Heigl “over” as a movie star?

ImageThat’s the gist of this Hollywood Reporter piece, which relies too much on ancient history and sour anonymous sources with a grudge to suggest that this TV series move — to NBC — is her last lifeline in the business.

Yeah, she took a single shot at “Knocked Up,” which made her a star, calling it “sexist.” Years ago. And she poor-mouthed “Grey’s Anatomy” to get out of the show. Again, five years ago.

The revelations in the THR piece are that Heigl’s manager mom is a foul-mouthed bully nobody really wants to deal with. “She’s not worth the trouble” kind of goes for the both of them, according to those unnamed sources.

She has burned through publicists (damning), made diva demands long before she’d earned that status, etc.

But you only have to have seen her run of movies to figure out that at 34, she and her “Team” (thanks, Mom) have made poor choices and that her box office run may be over.

She was delightful in the not-quite-there “27 Dresses,” and showed us movie star pathos in “Life as We Know It,” with Josh Duhamel making her seem vulnerable, human and fixable.

“The Ugly Truth” was a hit, and did wonders for both her and the similarly difficult to sell Gerard Butler. But “Killers” wasn’t her finest hour, “One for the Money” didn’t launch a franchise and the ensemble work — “New Year’s Eve,” “The Big WEdding” did her no favors.

So yeah, an NBC pilot may be her next move. And TV commercials. She was never going to be the next Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan, not with those role choices. Did she turn down better work for bigger paydays in vanity projects?

There is no indication that’s the case, and if she’s doing the best she can with what she’s been offered, so be it. But TV pilots are for Glenn Close and Kyra SEegwick and Edie Falco and movie actresses closer to or in excess of 50 years of age — the “Lucille Ball” stage of their careers.

Ancient history or recent history, Heigl may be pretty much done on the big screen. And judging from too many of her movie roles, that’s no great shame at this point. Does she have a call in to “Grey’s Anatomy?” One wonders.

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