Art Films at the Box Office: “Blue Jasmine” continues to rake it in in limited release

ImageThe per screen averages when “Blue Jasmine” opened in New York and LA were over $50,000, high but not out of line with an anticipated Woody Allen film in those two dens of Woody-lovers.

As it rolled out into more theaters, the averages dropped but the film continued to do quite well in America’s largest cities. It hit 116 screens last weekend and

Woody’s picture rolls out still wider this coming weekend, reach Orlando and much of mid-America as it does. It should crack the box office top ten next weekend, though competition from other more serious minded movies (“The Butler,” “Jobs”) will be stiffer.

Not one of his very best, but certainly an Oscar nomination for Cate Blanchett will come of it.

It did 20 times the box office in the same number of theaters as “Lovelace” on its opening weekend.

“Fruitvale Station,” perhaps the best movie of the summer, has dropped its load — wide release, screen averages plummeting. It won’t hit $20 million and may be forgotten by Oscar time, though if they nominate 10 pictures this year, I could see “Fruitvale” and “Jasmine” in that field.

The wonderfully-reviewed “Spectacular Now” still hasn’t opened on enough screens (and it may never open that wide) to dent the top ten. Per screen, $14,000 — not too shabby.

Lake Bell’s comedy about voice-over artists, “In a World…” did very well on just a couple of screens.

“The Way, Way Back” won’t reach $20. “The Canyons” (Look WAY down the chart) isn’t doing enough business to warrant a wider release.

“Before Midnight” will barely clear $8 million, all in.

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