Movie Review: “We’re the Millers” and we will bore you

“We’re the Millers,” the last and least of the big R-rated comedies of the summer of 2013, establishes a few hard truisms for the viewer to chew on.

Jennifer Aniston, playing a stripper and delivering a scantily-clad striptease in a couple of scenes, is one well-preserved example of Hollywood womanhood.

Jason Sudeikis of “Saturday Night Live” remains a high-quality second banana, a guy who can add a little something to others’ scenes but utterly incapable of carrying a movie.
And director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s “Dodgeball” is, with the passage of time, looking more and more like a Vince Vaughn/Ben Stiller fluke.
This lumbering farce is about David, a never-grew-up pot dealer (Sudeikis) forced to make a run to Mexico to pick up a big order for his demented drug smuggler boss (Ed Helms). So David enlists some neighbors to pose as his “family” so he can rent an RV, act like a dopey dad on vacation and get his dope across the border.
Aniston is “Rose,” a testy, financially strapped stripper about to be evicted from David’s building. Her desperation doesn’t make her like this creep.
“You can’t BUY me.
“I’m not buying you. I’m renting you, like ‘Pretty Woman.'”
“She was a PROSTITUTE.”
Will Poulter (“The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader”) is Kenny, the goofy, virginal neighbor kid whose mom apparently ditched him in their apartment.
And Emma Roberts is the sexiest, Goth-est and most put-together “homeless” teen you’ve ever seen, hired to play David’s daughter.
They travel like a real family and bicker like a real family —  “I will TURN this RV around immediately, no drugs for ANYone!” — and, once they’ve got an RV load of pot, panic like a real family as they face bribe-seeking Federales (Luis Guzman), cliched Mexican gangsters (Tomer Sisley, Matthew Willig) and dorky and clueless fellow RV travelers (Nick Offerman, Kathryn Hahn and Molly C. Quinn).
This contraption squeaks like a late model RV on a dirt road, with jokes that show the cast straining to say something funny, gags built around sacks of pot confused for a baby, “family” sing-alongs to TLC’s “Waterfalls.”

And lots of swearing. The Millers jar flight attendants and strangers they meet on the road with their colorful cursing and tendency to flip the bird at one another.
It aims for that “Hangover” blend of the sick and the sentimental. And it doesn’t work.
The biggest laughs the Millers manage are the outtakes during the closing credits — actors riffing line after line, trying to find something funny enough for the finished film. More often than not, they fail.


MPAA Rating:  R for crude sexual content, pervasive language, drug material and brief graphic nudity
Cast: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Ed Helms, Will Poulter
Credits: Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, written by Bob Fisher, Steve Farber, Sean Anders and John Morris . A Warner Brothers release
Running time: 1:50

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    But I loved the part where Kruger was activated and sent after the Millers. 😛

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