Next screening: “The Attack”

Middle Eastern politics are the underpinning of this domestic thriller, set in Israel, about a doctor whose wife may have been “brainwashed” into doing something he cannot believe she did.
“The Attack” is opening in some cities June 28.

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  1. mcspanky says:

    This is certainly a film For Our Times. Having wasted the first half of my life believing the lies of sociopaths, it screwed me up. Wasn’t until I watched the documentary ‘The Woman Who Wasn’t There’ (about the fake 9-11 uber-survivor who snowed everyone, for years) that I stopped beating myself up. If a liar is gonna lie, you aren’t gonna know it until they let you. So this will be catharctic, I suppose. Or just further contribute to the lack of trust for other human beings which has become the norm. When they were growing up, I told my children to treat others the way they would want to be treated. A few years ago, discovering the error of my ways, I revised those bad instructions. They know now to protect themselves at all costs and screw anyone who gets in the way, or they might not survive. In one generation, that’s how much things have changed. What a world.

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