Weekend box office: Will “After Earth” earn $35?

That’s what Variety is projecting for the critically derided Will Smith/Jaden Smith/M. Night Shyamalan action picture.

The Box Office Guru thinks $33 million is within reach.

I’m always surprised when a movie with bad reviews and a sort of eye-rolling buzz about it does over $30,  but it could happen. Will Smith’s star may be fading, M. Night’s star has already set, but Jaden’s been in a hit or two. It could shock us all and clear $40. They’re certainly promoted the heck out of it.

It won’t be enough to win the weekend. “Fast & Furious 6” looks to pull in another $50. Maybe.

“Now You See Me” supposedly cost $75 million — money spent on seven name actors in the lead roles, and effects. Variety says it will be lucky to clear $20 million. The Guru figures $19 million, which seems on the money to me. If this one had better reviews to push it, things might have been different.

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