“Million Dollar Arm” — Disney reaches for the Indian market with a cricket/baseball comedy starring Jon Hamm?

ImageThis is so odd and quirky in concept that you just hope it works.

Jon Hamm plays a struggling sports agent who, thanks to his Subcontinental sidekick (Aasif Mandvi), finds a potential gold mine in that very British Empire sport, cricket, which Indians and Pakistanis treasure decades after the end of British colonial rule there. Might a bowler who can throw a mean “googlie” be a potential big leaguer? Alan Arkin plays a crusty old scout, the kid from “Slumdog Millionaire” plays a would-be phenom.

Craig “Lars and the Real Girl” Gillespie is directing “Million Dollar Arm”, which just started production.



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4 Responses to “Million Dollar Arm” — Disney reaches for the Indian market with a cricket/baseball comedy starring Jon Hamm?

  1. Taniwha says:

    I’m actually astonished this hasn’t been done before – the potential Indian box office is gargantuan. Cricket is popular in India today in the same universal way baseball was in America in the 1950’s. If it’s even halfway decent, an aspirational story about an Indian teenage cricketer becoming a baseball prodigy in the US would break records, I’m sure of that.

    I can’t believe I haven’t already thought of this.

  2. Daniel Clee says:

    There is an even better, more comprehensive baseball-to-cricket feature film project floating around… http://www.danielclee.com/the-father-the-son.html

    • If you do say so yourself. Not that you have any money riding on that…;)

      • Daniel Clee says:

        I spent nine years writing it, because while the concept is simple the quirks of selling a baseball-to-cricket film to both American and Indian audiences is a huge challenge. So yes, I do say so myself, and time, more precious indeed than money, has been placed riding on it. Feel free to check out the above link and see for yourself… 😉

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