William “Departed” Monahan to adapt Le Carre’s latest?

Body-of-Lies3Deadline.com is reporting that William Monahan, screenwriter of “The Departed” and “Body of Lies,” has been tapped to adapt John Le Carre’s latest novel, “A Delicate Truth,”  for the big screen.

Haven’t read the book. Are there cell phones in it? There will be by the time the movie is made. Because nobody has taken to the cell as plot device/filmmaking expediency to the degree Monahan has.

Actors, often never appearing in a scene together, shouting at each other over phones — phones as dead giveaways, revealing who is betraying whom. Phones and more phones.

I noticed it in “Departed,” was driven to distraction by it (Leo and Russell C. do pretty much ALL their scenes by phone) in “Body of Lies,” noticed it in “Edge of Darkness” and “London Boulevard” (if memory serves) as well.

Call it a clever integration of an omnipresent technology in storytelling, or a writer’s crutch, but Monahan solves a lot of his script hurdles by putting people on the phone. “Can you hear me now?”



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