Next Interview: Got questions for Winona Ryder?


I think the only time I’ve ever talked with her was WAY back when she did “Night on Earth” for Jim Jarmusch and they brought it to the NY Film Festival. Yeah, that was in the last century.

Tabloid years, with her connections to various rockers and wannabe rocker Johnny Depp, aside, Winona Ryder has had a varied and fairly successful career — a Golden Globe, a couple of Oscar nominations, roles in watershed films from “Heathers” to “Ed Wood,” “Little Women” to “Alien Resurrection.”

She was Spock’s mom in “Star Trek” and plays the classic doesn’t-want-to-know hit-man’s wife in “The Iceman,” opposite Michael Shannon.

Questions for Queen Winona? I’m lookingfor suggestions. Post them as comments below, and thanks.

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20 Responses to Next Interview: Got questions for Winona Ryder?

  1. Emma says:

    Let her know how much her fans love and support her! And are happy for her, and want to see more of her! WINO FOREVER. Everybody adores her!

  2. Alex says:

    Is there anybody she wants to work with? What’s her next upcoming project?

    We just want to see more Winona, she’s amazing.

  3. Alice says:

    Since she was a young starlet, is there any young actresses that she is now fans of?

    Example: Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning, etc

  4. Patrick says:

    What co-stars does she still keep in touch with?

  5. Andy says:

    She was seen at the Disconnect premiere recently reuniting with long time friend and director Henry Alex Rubin.
    Does she plan on working with him soon?
    What’s her next upcoming project?

    She’s played so many roles, is there any type of role she’s looking to play?

    She’s worked with such great actors & actresses in the past, is there anyone she’s planning on working with or wants to work with?

  6. Andy says:

    She’s been tons of amazing films, but does she ever see herself working on TV, if so what’s her dream show.
    What shows does she watch now that she’s obsessed with?

  7. What’s her favorite hobby? Favorite band? Favorite movie of all time?

  8. Joe says:

    Winona used to skateboard when she was younger. Ask here who were her favorite professional skaters when she was young. What were her favorite tricks to do?

  9. Claire says:

    The blog that linked me to this page suggested asking non-work related questions to give her something different. I’m not sure how much flexibility you have to deviate from the topic of her new releases, but here are a few I thought of, hopefully at least one will be useful to you!

    -Which one of the characters that you’ve played do you most identify with and why?
    -In the 80s and 90s you featured in quite a few coming of age films, playing characters who weren’t quite sure of their place in the world. Did you ever experience this? What would your advice be to some of your younger fans who are in a similar situation?
    -If you weren’t an actor, what career would you see yourself doing now?
    -Do you speak any foreign languages? If not, is there anything in particular that you’d like to learn?

  10. Cameron Leininger says:

    Do you think she ever misses the frugal live of living on a commune vs. the busy luxurious life of being a glamorous movie star?

  11. Raya says:

    what is her current favorite book? (because she’s always been known to be a book worm 🙂 ) and which book would she like to make into a movie nowadays the same way she helped Girl Interrupted get made.

  12. Bruno says:

    I would love to know if she still has insomnia or any other sleep problems?

  13. Nome says:

    I want to know what her thoughts on Twitter are. She’s (obviously) not on it, but I wonder what she thinks about it, or why she hasn’t tapped into that platform.
    Also, I wonder if she still gets fan mail?

  14. Zoya says:

    -The difference in making a movie in the 80s/90s compared to making movies in this century? How has it changed from her perspective (like budget cuts, the advance in technology, etc.)

    -Does she have any pets?

    -Has she ever thought about writing her own screen play?

    -Her other hobbies?

    -If there is a particular cause she is really passionate about?

  15. Micheal says:

    – Where were you and how did you found out about the death of Kurt Cobain?

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