Weekend movies: Mixed reviews for “Oblivion,” bad ones for “Home Run” and “Lords of Salem”

Oblivion-movie-stills2It occurred to me, on watching “Oblivion” for a second time last night as I waited to see “The Lords of Salem,” that it is very much an old-fashioned star vehicle. Tom Cruise holds the floor and the screen, and he handles action beats as well as ever. The film’s thin puzzle of a story is a big obstacle to overcome, as is a middling co-star (Olga Kurylenko). But the look and design of it — Earth as a wasteland being emptied of its last usable resources by those on a space station — is spot on. Not a bad movie. Just not a very good one.

Fanboys have cut the deadly dull, pretentious, overlong, badly acted and not at all scary “The Lords of Sale” slack it does not deserve. Dreadful movie. Rob Zombie still hasn’t gotten the hang of this horror thing. He blows the shocks and bores us to tears between them. The only reaction I heard from the audience I saw it with was the occasional unintended cackle at the weak effects, the silly acting, the really bad dialogue.

“Home Run” has its heart and its message – redemption, recovery, making amends — right. The acting isn’t bad, either. But like a lot of faith-based films, the script is pure pablum. Watered down, little edge, and with few fresh insights about baseball or alcoholism. Bad reviews all around for this one.

“Lore” opens at Enzian. Not nuts about it, as Holocaust tales go. But decent.  And “Starbuck” I just adored. Read a few subtitles, have a few laughs.

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  1. Horror2 says:

    I think pretentious critics are more annoying than pretentious movies…

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