Weekend Box office makes Jackie Robinson a $27 million winner

The historical baseball biopic “42” did a very healthy $27 million+ at the box office on its opening weekend. Decent reviews, good word of mouth, a subject that caused TV newscasts and sports radio (and other radio) talk shows to get people who knew Jackie Robinson on the air to talk about him made this a hit.

Since it cost only $38 million (that shows up in some of the casting decisions, the digital ballparks), this one looks like a pre-summer success story, probably pulling in $60 million or so in theaters in the US, a little more from Canada and overseas and more still from video.

“Scary Movie V” is pulling in almost $15 million this weekend. Deadline.com calls that a “bomb.” It can’t have cost that much, and it’ll clear mid$20s before all is said and done.

“The Croods” is closing in n $150 million. “G.I. Joe” is over $100 million. “Evil Dead” took a plunge in its second week, and looks to end up with about $60 when it’s run its course.

Tyler Perry may earn $50 million or so, when all receipts are counted and “Temptation” finishes its run.

“Place in the Pines” opened wide and cracked the top ten.


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