Weekend Box Office: Can Jackie Robinson deep on “Scary Movie 5”?

Here’s a distressing memory that I really must thanks Box Office Mojo for dredging up.

“Scary Movie 4,” which came out seven years ago, earned a staggering $40 million on its opening weekend. Wow.

Does that correlate to how “Scary Movie 5” will perform this weekend? Not likely. There have been a lot of non-horror related spoofs along these lines over the past seven years. I saw “Scary” Friday. There were two of us in the theater.

“Mojo” figures it could hit the teens this weekend. And Mojo figures that will come in behind a $20 million or so weekend for “42,” the entertaining Jackie Robinson biopic. Baseball movies don’t do great business, and period pieces have a hard time finding tracking.

Which might be why the Box Office Guru figures it’ll be an $18-17 weekend, with “Scary” edging “42” when all is said and done.

Is there another big weekend in “Evil Dead”? Probably not, but $10 million is within reach.

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