Box Office: Will “Evil Dead” cash in?

dead“Evil Dead” is the sole “new” release opening wide this weekend. It’s a horrific remake of a cult classic, the film that made Sam Raimi famous. Grueling to sit through, I thought. And from looking at the tomatomater, a lot of critics agree with me on this one. EArlier fanboy reviews were swooning, but then reality and common sense kicked in and it’s sitting in a low 60s approval range now, which seems about right.

But what sort of business will it do? Fanboys, and horror fanboys in particular, are a reliable audience, but not the most numerous one. Will it hit $25, as Box Office Mojo predicts?

Is $24 more within reach, which is the Guru’s prediction?

It’s on over 3000 screens, and it’ll make most of its money today, as Variety points out.

I figure it’ll be closer to $20.

“Jurassic Park” is back in 3D, on over 2700 screens, and advance ticket sales, Variety says, were strong. But if it does more than $17 (Mojo’s prediction), I’ll be shocked.

“Croods” will hold more audience than “G.I. Joe,” tho Joe isn’t dropping out of sight completely. They’ll both be in the $20 million range.

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