Netflixable? Being a “Good Kisser” is…everything?

“Good Kisser” must be the most inane, dull lesbian seduction soap opera ever.

It’s about a menage a trois evening that goes the way such evenings go — at least in the movies. SOMEbody feels left out. Somebody’s feelings are hurt. Somebody told us everything we needed to know about about herself by even suggesting it.

It’s as cloying as “I can’t pay attention to two woman at once!” and as sexy as “Can I take your socks off?”

We meet assertive bartender Kate (Rachel Paulson of “Kleptos”) and mousy aspiring novelist Jenna (Kari Alison Hodge of “G.B.F.”) as they hop in a ride share on their way to…

“A date with another woman!”

British-accented Mia (Julia Eringer of “Girls Like Magic”) is their “date,” a confident seductress who widens the rift between the other two. As in Jenna chatters on, inanely sometimes, out of insecurity. And Kate? She cuts off the chatter and works in little digs every chance she gets out of her own insecurity.

“This isn’t an interrogation!”

The night is all wine and hot weather, popsicles and chick lit, affections shifting here and there, “good kissing” and nothing remotely romantic going on, threesome or twosome-wise.

Soap opera lighting, soap acting, soapy scenario, soap bubbly dialogue. A good looking cast and set pretty much wasted.

MPAA Rating: TV-MA, sexual situations, drinking, smoking, profanity

Cast: Kari Alison Hodge, Julia Eringer, Rachel Paulson, Carter Rodriguez, Courtney McCullough

Credits: Written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton. A Wolfe release, on Netflix.

Running time: 1:14

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1 Response to Netflixable? Being a “Good Kisser” is…everything?

  1. Reluctant_Flix_consumer says:

    Can’t really argue with the faults you list here; it was terribly thin on plot and found a bit of redemption only thanks to the actors, but I found it more watch-able than you did. They could have done more with the revelation “she turned out to be the famous novelist writing under a pseudonym.” But the real question here for the characters is how it left off. Will Jenna take up Mia’s offer to fly her to Hawaii? Or will she succumb to the charms of her new friend, the taxi driver? It seems set up for a sequel, or even better, an added 40 minutes to complete those plot lines (hopefully with better writing). Barring that, this is ready-made for a fanfic it seems.

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