Will & Hart take on ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ Remake

That’s Will Smith & Kevin Hart replacing Steve Martin and John Candy in the John Hughes holiday staple.

This has “can’t miss” written all over it. Smith can get his dander up with the best of them.

“Aww HELL naw!” I can hear it now. Assuming he plays the put upon guy stuck with Del or whatever they rename Del, annoying Kevin Hart.


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2 Responses to Will & Hart take on ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ Remake

  1. Fred Garvin says:

    Oh Good God, say it ain’t so. I can already see the poster: Smith and Hart, both breaking the 4th wall, only this time it won’t be Hart with that idiotic bewildered look on his face as on all his posters but Smith. Just proves what I’ve been saying for years, they are both hacks though Smith can get it done sometimes but his recent tv appearances suggest that the thrill is gone. Hart just does the same hacky shtick again and again. Google “Kevin Hart movie posters” and see what I mean.

    • Whatever affection many have for the original, I don’t share it. I saw it as an adult and found it hackneyed, sentimental and slapdash, with each actor playing to type.

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