Spike Lee goes to war again for “Da Five Bloods”


Spike Lee’s next picture is to be a “Vietnam War” drama, but with a twist.  It’ll be more of a “Last Full Measure” variety, veterans remembering their service, looking for the remains of a fallen comrade.

And in“Da Five Bloods,”they’ll also be searching for treasure left behind “in country.”

Chadwick Boseman and Delroy Lindo are in the cast. And limiting the combat screen time in the picture can’t help but do Lee a big favor. Remember “Miracle at St. Anna?” One of Lee’s worst pictures, exposing his great shortcoming as a filmmaker, one that stands out every time a movie goes terribly wrong for him.

He knows nothing of combat movies or military service (most of us don’t). But he didn’t appear to have used a combat veteran as consultant on that film, and it was laughably wrong in ways any casual viewer of war movies can pick up on. He probably didn’t want anybody on set “correcting” what he was doing.

You can’t tell Spike anything. It’s his MO. It’s why it took Jordan Peele’s producing and supervising to make “BlackKklansman” an Oscar contender.

So feel free to hold your breath on “Da Five Bloods.”


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