Why would Clint Eastwood want to direct a movie that discredits law enforcement AND journalism, due to release in 2020?

Because Clint, like Warner Brothers, which will NOT be releasing Great Grandpa’s movie (Fox Disney might, surprise), sees political hay to be made from Richard Jewell’s story. The old GOP coot should stick to interviewing empty chairs. Not that he was good at that, either.

“The Ballad of Richard Jewell” is being described as the wrongful trial-by-media of Olympics Park hero Richard Jewell, who spotted the bomb and was ushering bystanders out of an Atlanta park in 1996, and then was fingered by law enforcement as a suspect in the bombing that followed.

I cannot remember, was it the Feds who leaked the story to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which ran with it? Or was it the local cops? Blue Lies Matter.

Anyway, what we’re looking at is a curmudgeonly GOP hack too old to wait around for a second take any more and whose movies reflect this, telling a story with the sort of spin he wants to put on it.

Think I’m exaggerating? Did you SEE “Absolute Power,” his thinly-disguised swipe at the Clinton presidency?

Warners wouldn’t let him release that loaded diatribe during an election year. Maybe Disney will be too smart to, as well.



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