Weekend Movies: Will “La Llorona” bring “Shazam” to tears?


I saw “The Curse of La Llorona” with a half-full house Thursday night, so I am guessing the answer to that is “Yes.” “The Weeping Woman” should best “Shazam” at the box office, dethroning the WB comic book title.

The ceiling has been raised on horror the past few years, mainly due to franchises, brands that fall within “The Annabelle Universe” or “The Conjuring Universe” or “Blumhouse” producing the film.

“La Llorona” won’t ride in on a tidal wave of great reviews. It’s well-acted and well-crafted and I thought those facts trumped any weariness of the film sticking to that demonic possession formula.

Variety is saying it’ll manage $20 million and be neck-and-neck with “Shazam!” probably, and the Wed-Sunday release of the inspiring faith-based drama “Breakthrough.”

Box Office Mojo is countering with a $17 million prediction, while acknowledging that it did a quite-healthy $2.75 million Thursday night.

I say $20 million, easily. Maybe $25-30.

“Breakthrough” is a sweet picture with a pretty good cast and should have a decent weekend, but you never can tell with this genre. The angrier the movie, the more Fox News/Trump Christians show up. And it’s not angry. Not that angry, anyway.

About $13 million is the safe guess most prognosticators are sticking with, though I think Wed-Sunday it could pull more.

Disney’s “Penguins” Earth Day doc is the best movie for kids out right now. Take them to see it and shock the lowball ($4-5 million) predictions for this cute and dramatic documentary.

“Shazam!” is winding down, and last week’s new releases are doomed to fade pretty quickly. “Hellboy” especially, but “Little” too — a bit, anyway.


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