Preview — The coolest new trailer in theaters? Action packed “Anna”

French director turned producer/mogul Luc Besson likes them young and thin.

Yes, I’m being a tad crass because, well, that is Monsieur Luc in a nutshell, his “M.O.” — “La Femme Nikita,” “Lucy,” “Columbiana,” he married his “Fifth Element” starlet, Milla Jovovich and put her in “The Messenger” (the Joan of Arc movie). “The Transporter” movies are a veritable catalog of skinny models in jeopardy.

And who did he have “Leon: The Professional” protect? Natalie Portman.

Hey, I can say this because I have interviewed Msr. Luc several times and I know this guy’s game, as well as his action-pic bonafides.

“Anna” features runway-ready Sasha Luss as the skinny-but-deadly assassin. Cillian Murphy, Oscar winner Helen Mirren and Luke Evans are also in the cast of this June 21 action sleeper.

The trailer will pin your ears back, just like “Lucy.” Only with a better actress in the title role (“Lucy 2” is in the works).

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