BOX OFFICE: Will “Hellboy” get clocked by “Shazam!,” will “Missing Link” be MIA?


Expectations are low, loooooowwww for the Lionsgate reboot of “Hellboy.”

Box Office Mojo says the second weekend of Warners/DC’s “Shazam!” should wipe the harbor floor with David Harbour’s take on the comic book character from Hades. A $22 million to $16 million weekend is what Mojo predicts.

I saw the tail end of one showing of “Hellboy” (catching the post-credits tease) with maybe a dozen ticket buyers in a rural Fl multiplex, and caught the rest of it at anothe showing, with maybe five people in the Thursday night “soft opening” of the film. No word from Deadline as to what last night’s shows produced nationwide.

Maybe it’ll do better than that, as premium ticket pricing and some theaters offers a 4D splash blood on your face (RPX “misting?”) experience. I think $20 or so, and that could make it close, as “Shazam!” isn’t interesting enough to pull a big second weekend, with a 60% drop pre-ordained.

Variety, I see, agrees — although it figures “Shazam!” will hit $24, 25 and thus still top the weekend with relative ease.

As I feared, when Lionsgate didn’t preview “Hellboy” in most markets (Hey, Orlando is in the NBA playoffs — we’re MAJOR), “Hellboy” sucks. A veritable “fecal matter weather event” of a fiasco was the phrase I turned in my review. What a disorganized, dull debacle.

Issa Rae is all set to be the New Tiffany Haddish (Black Girl Magic/Comic) if “Little” blows up. It could do $16 million, so that’s a win. The movie isn’t all that, but she is funny in it. Occasionally.

“Missing Link,” the weakest link in the Laika Studios animation chain of releases, is predicted to do about $10 million, despite having stop motion animation (the BEST animation) and despite featuring Hugh Jackman, Zach Galifianakis, Zoe Saldana and Stephen Fry in the voice cast. Not a “brand,” the second “Bigfoot” cartoon (after “Smallfoot”), etc.

It’s on a lot of screens, so a bigger take is possible. Variety thinks $14 is within reach.

“After,a limp/wimp teen romance, just carnal enough to attract teens just clearing  tweendom, is expected to manage $4 million this weekend. Or if you’re reading Variety, $3 million.

As the second weekend of “Unplanned” was a box office nosedive, despite adding a third more screens, the abortion drama I have gotten so much intemperate hate mail about (the review is pretty intemperate, too — with cause) is losing screens to those three new releases and disappearing from the top ten if not in the hearts of its adherents.



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