BOX OFFICE: “Venom” sucks up $77, “Star is Born” $44


A huge weekend is underway for both a critically-scorned comic book pic and the fourth version of “A Star is Born” as Sony’s “Venom” is overcoming bad reviews to set the October record for its opening and “A Star is Born” is pulling them in as well.

A $10 million Thursday night preview pushed into a big Friday and sets the stage for a $77-80 million “Venom” take. No, the trailers don’t entice and the reviews have been red flag warnings. But the fangirls and fanboys are swarming out to see for themselves.

The upper end of projections pointed to a $60 million take. So there is a franchise here after all.

“A Star is Born” is benefiting from vast reservoirs of Lady Gaga love — from fans and most critics — and has easily overcome its long run time to manage a $44 million opening.

The previous record for an October debut was “Gravity,” which did $55 million and change a few Octobers back. So you can see the scale of this, a sea of film fans flooding theaters to escape the news or what have you.

“Night School” experienced a steep week to week plunge to end up in fourth place, “Smallfoot” is holding its own as the lone kiddie film for parents to lean on for another weekend. It might hit $70, 60 anyway.

There’s a new “Goosebumps” coming, which should end “The House with the Clock in its Walls.”

“A Simple Favor” has had legs and will clear $50 million by Sunday, Monday at the latest.  

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