Preview, “Creed II” is more obviously just another “Rocky Redux”

The sleeper boxing hit “Creed” was basically a “Rocky” movie extending Sly Stallone’s franchise into a new, temporally impossible timeline via the son of a fighter who died in 1985.

It’s a boxing picture operating on comic book “universe” rules — time travel, right? “Immaculate conception” and all that.

Michael B. Jordan was OK, I guess, Tessa Thompson made a fiesty foil, the fight scenes gave us a little long-take brio, but the whole thing was recycled, hachkneyed, filtered through a “fresh lens” and critically praised as if all of America’s movie critics had been born years after 1985 as well.

Honestly, I can’t remember much about the plot except for what it stole from.

Now here’s “Creed II,” following that same path with even less in the line of fresh ideas. So, his new moment of truth is fighting the son of the boxer who killed the Dad he Never Knew? And Rocky is there to not talk him out of it?

Yes, one third of America needs to be reminded why we hate Russia (it has nothing to do with boxing). And three quarters of North American movie reviewers need reminding that “originality counts.” But anyway.

Sure. This’ll sell tickets. It did 33 years ago.


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