BOX OFFICE: “Hereditary” gives A24 a taste of big box office, “Ocean’s 8” clears $41


“Deadpool 2” is closing in on $300 million, “Avengers: Infinity War” is within range of $675.

And “Solo” is sinking faster than you can say “familiarity breeds contempt.”

But the big news of the weekend is the distaff “Ocean’s 11” riff, “Ocean’s 8,” which managed to clear $41 million, below its projected $45 million best case scenario, but not by much. (Pay no attention to Box Office Mojo claiming it was the only site to have this sort of confidence in the Warners release. EVERYbody figured $45 was the target.

The reviews didn’t sizzle, a CinemaScore of B something or other is weak tea (people are reviewing a movie they were dying to see on opening weekend). But good on them. Sequels?

“Hereditary” had a shot at coming in second, but “Solo” and “Deadpool 2” edged it. It earned $13 million, not great for a horror film, especially one with good reviews and a lot of screens. Not a brand name franchise, and heaven help us if A24 decides that “The Witch” and “Hereditary” is where the money is, and not “Ex Machina,” “While We’re Young,” “Green Room,” “Moonlight,” “The Florida Project” and “A Ghost Story” and the other daring fare they’ve become known for.

“Hotel Artemis,” starring “Old Lady” Jodie Foster — bombed. $3.15 million.

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