Preview, Somebody sent Keanu to “Siberia”

So what can we read into this trailer for the upcoming thriller “Siberia,” starring Keanu Reeves?

Reeves, like Nic Cage and Cusack and a few others of his generation, is still getting some sort of decent quote. That’s why a lot of his films — not the “John Wick” comebacks — feature one “name” in the cast and are filmed overseas.

That one name? Keanu. Of course, Molly Ringwald is in the cast. Did I miss her in the trailer? Not enough here to generate the interest in watching it again, frankly.

This looks like a smuggling job gone wrong thriller with plenty of “John Wick” styled violence. Writer-director Matthew Ross did the incendiary “Frank & Lola,” so there’s probably more here than the trailer gives away.

“Siberia” opens July 13. 

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