BOX OFFICE: “Solo” in a death spiral, “Adrift” floats, “Action Point” dies a cruel, cruel death

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” is not quite tumbling behind “Deadpool 2” on its second weekend, “Deadpool’s” third. But it’ll certain fall behind it NEXT weekend, based on the absolute plunge it’s experiencing this weekend AFTER Memorial Day.


Based on Friday’s numbers, is figuring $28 million is all the patchwork “Solo” will manage on its second weekend. This, after an underwhelming opening. That’s a 77% drop, weekend to weekend.

In graphic box office terms, that’s what we call a TPPP — a “Tyler Perry Picture Plummet.”

“Pool” is losing theaters and dropping off a not-quite-robust 50% or so per weekend, but “Solo” will struggle to clear $200, at this juncture.

Maybe it’s just a mediocre movie — damaged goods — and word of mouth is chasing folks off. Maybe Disney has simply oversaturated the market with “Star Wars.”

That’s certainly part of the reason “Deadpool 2” isn’t dazzling the accountants at Fox. Three comic book movies in theaters basically at the same time, one of them R-rated, is just creating comic book fatigue.

Or maybe the Mouse will take the lesson that the Luke-Leia-Han “Star Wars” storyline is finished and that letting J.J. Abrams & Co. kill it off is as it should be. No “Boba Fett” picture, no more “Solo,” nothing else with the original crew. Sorry, Darth Maul. Might be the wrong lesson, but I could see that one taking root. “Rogue One” wasn’t a big box office performer, in “Star Wars” terms, either. Even though it was the best SW movie since “Empire.” 

shaiShailene Woodley can open a movie. That’s the lesson of “Adrift.” No, it’s not sailboat folks like myself driving “Adrift” to a healthy $12 million opening weekend. Her years cashing “Divergent” checks made her bankable, I guess (terrible movies, based on crappy YA novels) as did TV’s “Big Little Lies.” A conventional “lost at sea” narrative, with a love story buttressing it (Sam Claflin) it, Woodley took a producing credit on “Adrift” and it’s gotten decent reviews (mine is fairly representative of the mainstream) and might have done even better had STX put a little effort in promoting it — like PREVIEWING IT for critics.

Blumhouse’s horror outing “Upgrade” isn’t finding an audience. At all. Lots of screens, only $4 million on its opening weekend. Bomb.

“Action Point” isn’t funny, Johnny Knoxville can’t hair-dye his way into another 10 years of “Jackass” stunts and the picture, largely filmed in South Africa, includes animal mishandling pranks to the point where it’s another of those pictures where you wonder if the “American Humane” credit at the end is BS.

And it’s bombing. Not even $2 million.



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