With MoviePass — as with Facebook, “You” are the product

passThe Verge has a piece on Moviepass’s new restrictions to its “A month of movies at one low low price” ticket packaging that lays out what I’ve been wondering about this “deal” all along.

A movie a day for $10 a month is, as I’ve said, not great for theaters and on its surface, pretty bad for the studios, too. MoviePass was losing money, “on every ticket sold,” as well.

So now they’re restricting “select” (opening weekend of release) tickets. You can’t go more than once.

And they’ve limited you to 4 movies for $9.95. Still a deal, but…surely everybody in the movie making and showing business is still losing money.

Unless, of course, you consider the data mining that comes with it. You make a month’s worth of ticketing decisions, and they know what they are. Studios, for starters, can use that. So can anybody else who knows what the “Fast and Furious” or comic book movie or horror or teen romance demo likes and would consider buying.

That’s right, another “disruptive” Internet “deal” that has hidden benefits — for “them.” 



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