BOX OFFICE: “Infinity War” rolling to $235-237 Million Opening, Second Biggest Ever


Marvel’s money-minting machine cranks up the hype and pulls in the faithful again with “Avengers: Infinity War” blasting off to the second biggest opening weekend ever.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” still holds the all time US opening weekend record.

UPDATED — The Actual numbers, released Monday, show “Infinity War” capturing the recordThe Actual numbers, released Monday, show “Infinity War” capturing the record, a $257.6 million opening., basing its estimates on a $39 million Thursday and $103 million (inc Thursday) Friday, says Disney will pocket $237 million for the film’s domestic take, opening weekend, some $498 million worldwide.

Just in one weekend.

Reviews were somewhat less enthusiastic for this first half of a two-parter, directed by the Russo brothers. Kind of a random roundup of Not-Quite-Every-Avenger, no arc or narrative flow, place-holding ending. But these folks know how to sell a movie that’s pre-sold (every late night stunt, etc., under the sun). So we’ll see what Sat and Sunday produce.

“Black Panther,” in case you were worrying about the Mouse not making enough on that one, is still slated to finish fifth this weekend, over $687 million in the bank since its Feb. opening.

The much more modestly priced horror sleeper “A Quiet Place” falls to second, another $10 million to take it to $147 by Sunday night. “Rampage” is running out of gas, “I Feel Pretty” is closing in on $30, and “Ready Player One” is ready to exit the top ten with a modest $130-135 million as its final cash take.

“Isle of Dogs” drops out of the top ten.

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